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To Serve Others, Nurture Yourself

Many of us are givers – people who seek out ways to be of service.  To be in balance, a giver must also receive, including from him- or herself.  One must fill one’s own cup in order to effectively give of oneself to others.

Image: "Light in the bottom of a cup"

Image used under Creative Commons (

Emotions are an excellent indicator of whether we are receiving what we need to be effective in service.  If you are feeling irritable, angry or frustrated, that emotion is telling you that your cup is less than full. Consider how you can adjust your situation in the short and long term to give yourself what you need.  Some questions you could ask yourself are:

  • Have I nourished my body physically?  Have I been eating food that nourishes me, in the way and the amount that feels good?
  • Do I need rest?  Do I need a change in activity?
  • Would I benefit from alone time?  Would I benefit from being with others right now?  Would I be supported by conversation with a trusted friend?
  • Is there something I enjoy that has been missing in my life?  How can I reconnect with that joy?

Nurture yourself, and you will find yourself more easily and effectively giving to others.  When your cup is full, you will have plenty to give to others.  Make self-care a priority!


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Seeds, harvest, life, relationships

heart-shaped tree

Photo by Mimosa Burr

“Live your life for a new reason.  Understand that its purpose has nothing to do with what you get out of it, and everything to do with what you put into it.  This is also true of relationships.”  – Neale Donald Walsh, in Friendship with God, p. 174

“Judge not each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

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Be First, Let Doing Follow

What do you most desire?  Happiness?  Peace?  Freedom?  If your first answer is something you’d like to do or have – for example, build a successful career, have lots of money, or raise a family – ask yourself what what doing or having this would give you.  After a few cycles of this question, you will probably end up with something you’d like to be – such as be happy, be at peace, or be free.

Image by Used under Creative Commons.

What if you could just be happy, peaceful or free, without having to go through all the doing or acquiring first?  Try this idea on for the extent of this article.  If it aligns with your inner truth, great!  If not, let it go and move on.

Consider that the world may really be altered by rose-colored glasses – or whatever filter you choose to see it through.  Consider that if you focus your attention on happiness, peace, freedom, or whatever you’d like to experience, you will most likely experience more of that.

Have you ever been in a foul mood and had a horrible experience, then later when feeling good, been in nearly the same situation and enjoyed it?  There’s no “truth” you’re ignoring when you enjoy yourself, nor are you wrong when you have a foul time.  You’re simply having the experience (foulness or enjoyment) that you were already being.

Here’s an experiment to try.  If you would like to be happy, notice happiness all day long.  Be aware of when you feel happy.  Notice other people who are happy.  Appreciate the happiness in you and around you.  Write all the happiness you experience and see in a journal.  Let happiness be your guide: when choosing, ask yourself, “Which feels happier?”

You can do this for any state of being you choose as your goal.  If you were choosing peace, you could:

  • Notice when you feel peace in yourself
  • Notice others who are experiencing peace
  • Appreciate peace in you and around you
  • Remind yourself of the many experiences you have of peace (for example, with a journal)
  • When choosing, let the feeling of peace be your guide: “What feels peaceful?”

Have fun with this.  Play with it, and enjoy being!

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From Task-oholic to Thinking with the Heart

My last post introduced the heart as guide in connecting.  I continue this theme with heart as guide in thinking.

I’ve been breaking through a pattern of making up reasons to be busy, and/or feeling guilty for not being busy.  In college, I used to keep a running to-do list in my pocket, crammed with tasks that would pop into my head throughout the day.  I have been a task-oholic, addicted to numbing my mind, and even more so my heart, keeping myself busy with things I thought of in the past, to do in the future.

This leaves little energy for experiencing the present.

It’s taken years of first idyllic rustic living, then immersing myself in the Bay Area’s spiritually and somatically in-tune culture, to heal myself of this affliction.  I think I’m finally getting there.

I’m finally accepting that, far from being a reason to be guilty, not being busy is my work.  My work is to cultivate stillness and peace within, and share this.  My work is to be human with people.

I sometimes forget that to take the time to be human, to connect in this present moment, is inspiring.  A few times lately, I’ve found that someone has highly recommended me, and I’ve wondered, “But what did I do?”  Friends remind me that it’s probably not what I did, but that I took the time to be with that person, that impressed them.  In the stillness of mind and peacefulness of heart I am cultivating, I find more space for hearing others.

As I turn my attention toward the present moment, and as I let my thinking move from my head to my heart, I am discovering increasing ease and clarity.  May you also discover this peace.


What is thinking from the heart?  Here are some ways I find it:

  • Letting my head give up some of its busy-ness
  • Allowing myself to be guided by my heart
  • Letting go of control, and trusting that everything will work out
  • Trusting that I already have what I’ve been asking for
  • Trusting that I already know, from within, the wisdom I’m seeking
  • Being still enough to find clarity about my goals
  • Taking time to set aside busy-ness and practice feeling peace  (Here’s a supportive guided meditation.)

How do you experience thinking from the heart?  How do you find it?  Please share below.  If you’re in the SF Bay Area, come explore this theme with a very special group at the next Connections in Nature Workshop.


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Sufficiency for the Holidays

This document so well imparts what I am up to when I write about creating prosperity, I am simply offering a link so you can experience it yourself:  (The homepage currently features a link to “Celebrating the Holidays in Sufficiency.”)

(If it has been some time since I posted this, and the homepage no longer features the document, you can access it at

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A Gift Economy

In the past months, I’ve seen many around me without the nine-to-five employment that has been a standard in our society.  While fear about lack of money has been present at least some of the time, I see many using this time creatively to pursue long-cherished interests or develop special projects.  In this way, the economic change has been a blessing allowing society to spend more time doing what they are passionate about.

The economic change has affected me, too.  It has been an opportunity to look at my fears of losing money, and recognize how little stands behind those fears.  If I were to live without fear of losing money, what would my life be?  Much of my life would be the same, as I have adamantly pursued my ideals – though I would feel much more ease.

Working through this fear, I recognized that money is an area in which nearly all of us feel pain.  I recognized that the pain many currently experience is a perfect opportunity to create more compassion in ourselves and our society.  I envision a gift economy based on compassion, where all have access to a life of ease.

I’ve had glimpses of this gift economy.  I live with friends, and we often receive food from each other without expecting equal exchange.  When I didn’t own a car, I often received rides; now I offer rides to others.  In my communities, individuals have asked for and received donations to attend a special workshop or just make it through the month.  At the vibrant Burning Man festival, 48,000+ people come together to live and play in a gift culture, without money or trade.

What is money?  Money has been separate from the gold standard for nearly four decades.  It is simply backed by our trust and belief in its value.  It represents an exchange, and its value is portable between unrelated situations because of our agreement that it has value.

People have imagined and created ways of exchanging without money.  Local complementary currency systems abound, facilitating people meeting each others’ needs within their own communities.  The Swiss WIR was created by 16 Swiss businessmen who exchanged services amongst themselves in the currency shortages of the 1930s.  It has proven immune to economic crises, and some say it contributes to the stability of the Swiss economy.  Barter networks range in style from business (International Monetary Systems, Itex) to social networking (Commuto, SwapThing).

What if we were to take the opportunity of this economic shift to create a new relationship to money?  This would take a shift toward compassion and trust.  Imagine receiving without giving in return, knowing that you contribute elsewhere.  Imagine giving because you know how good it feels to receive, and you know there is plenty.

I have practiced giving and receiving money this way.  With friends, I have practiced giving or receiving a few dollars, for no reason other than to experience letting go of expectation that there will be equal exchange.

What if we were to create a new economy, where all have access to prosperity?  What if the fear and lack that we experience today were transmuted into compassion and trust?  What if we were to create a gift economy?

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Gardening and Alignment

It has been quite some time since I last blogged.  What have I been creating in that time?

I’ve been through quite a journey in my intention to create prosperity.  I’ve achieved my long-feared “running out of money” and life has continued to be good.  In fact, it’s been even more prosperous.

I’ve moved into a spacious, gorgeous home in a neighborhood where I once “vacationed” (housesat).

The herb garden: mid-April

The herb garden: mid-April

A friend, Leah, offered me free range to garden in her yard.  In my new home, I’ve planted herb and vegetable gardens.

Two core elements of my personal prosperity vision are gardening and community.  The gardens at home were planted with my dear friend and roommate Ame.  Gardening at Leah’s has given me occasion to regularly visit, and build friendship with a woman I’ve admired.

At Leah’s, I’ve seen the power my intention has to create.  When Leah offered her yard to me in January, it was thick and tall with grass, thistle, and blackberry briars.  Cutting and pulling those tall weeds was fun, yet I wondered if it’d ever become a garden.  My first tentative plantings of seeds and cuttings did poorly.

The herb garden: mid-May

The herb garden: mid-May

Then Leah, inspired by my intention, arranged for a neighbor to till the front sidewalk strip, then half the backyard.  Looking at that bare soil under the sun, I wondered how I’d ever get it all planted.  And yet, every time I head over there, I find the seeds and plants I need make themselves available to me.

Behind that wondering if I would succeed – in making a garden, in moving to a nicer home, in “making it” financially – there has always been trust.  I trust that I can enjoy myself now and all is well, and I trust that I will enjoy myself in the future and all will be well.

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