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To Serve Others, Nurture Yourself

Many of us are givers – people who seek out ways to be of service.  To be in balance, a giver must also receive, including from him- or herself.  One must fill one’s own cup in order to effectively give of oneself to others.

Image: "Light in the bottom of a cup"

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Emotions are an excellent indicator of whether we are receiving what we need to be effective in service.  If you are feeling irritable, angry or frustrated, that emotion is telling you that your cup is less than full. Consider how you can adjust your situation in the short and long term to give yourself what you need.  Some questions you could ask yourself are:

  • Have I nourished my body physically?  Have I been eating food that nourishes me, in the way and the amount that feels good?
  • Do I need rest?  Do I need a change in activity?
  • Would I benefit from alone time?  Would I benefit from being with others right now?  Would I be supported by conversation with a trusted friend?
  • Is there something I enjoy that has been missing in my life?  How can I reconnect with that joy?

Nurture yourself, and you will find yourself more easily and effectively giving to others.  When your cup is full, you will have plenty to give to others.  Make self-care a priority!


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From Task-oholic to Thinking with the Heart

My last post introduced the heart as guide in connecting.  I continue this theme with heart as guide in thinking.

I’ve been breaking through a pattern of making up reasons to be busy, and/or feeling guilty for not being busy.  In college, I used to keep a running to-do list in my pocket, crammed with tasks that would pop into my head throughout the day.  I have been a task-oholic, addicted to numbing my mind, and even more so my heart, keeping myself busy with things I thought of in the past, to do in the future.

This leaves little energy for experiencing the present.

It’s taken years of first idyllic rustic living, then immersing myself in the Bay Area’s spiritually and somatically in-tune culture, to heal myself of this affliction.  I think I’m finally getting there.

I’m finally accepting that, far from being a reason to be guilty, not being busy is my work.  My work is to cultivate stillness and peace within, and share this.  My work is to be human with people.

I sometimes forget that to take the time to be human, to connect in this present moment, is inspiring.  A few times lately, I’ve found that someone has highly recommended me, and I’ve wondered, “But what did I do?”  Friends remind me that it’s probably not what I did, but that I took the time to be with that person, that impressed them.  In the stillness of mind and peacefulness of heart I am cultivating, I find more space for hearing others.

As I turn my attention toward the present moment, and as I let my thinking move from my head to my heart, I am discovering increasing ease and clarity.  May you also discover this peace.


What is thinking from the heart?  Here are some ways I find it:

  • Letting my head give up some of its busy-ness
  • Allowing myself to be guided by my heart
  • Letting go of control, and trusting that everything will work out
  • Trusting that I already have what I’ve been asking for
  • Trusting that I already know, from within, the wisdom I’m seeking
  • Being still enough to find clarity about my goals
  • Taking time to set aside busy-ness and practice feeling peace  (Here’s a supportive guided meditation.)

How do you experience thinking from the heart?  How do you find it?  Please share below.  If you’re in the SF Bay Area, come explore this theme with a very special group at the next Connections in Nature Workshop.


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Connections: Getting to Do My Real Work

The only thing in the way of me doing my Work now, is myself.

For years, I have held a future vision of myself as teacher-healer in nature, guiding people to a greater sense of connection while connecting with the Earth.  This core image of my Work (my spirit’s essential work in this world and this lifetime) has been on hold, because “I don’t have the land yet,” or “I don’t have the healing center with garden yet.”

There are always reasons to not be in action.  I am realizing that these are no reason to put off what would most fulfill me.

And so I got clear that I am doing workshops in nature now.  One of the next thoughts attempting to stall my plans was, “But I don’t know what the content will be!”

I asked my partner how he would describe the value I bring to the world.  I make connections, he said.  He reminded me of something I’ve appreciated in myself for years: my ability to recognize themes across boundaries, to bring seemingly disparate ideas into one conversation, and to foster deepening connections to self, other, world and spirit.

Ah!  This is why I have created my work in the personal growth field, why I’ve dedicated over 1500 hours to body-mind-spirit training, why I care so much about the people and communities with whom I surround myself.  It’s because my work in the world is connection.

I thrived yesterday as I took myself on a test run of my first Connections in Nature workshop.  Wow!  I get to go for 2-3 hikes a week, focus on personal growth and connection, lead groups – and this is my work?  Being active in this Work brings a level of fulfillment that transmutes my thoughts of limitation into enjoying the evolution – from now to that healing center with garden in my future, and all the journeys beyond.

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This Weekend: Live Your Passions!

Join me this weekend at the World School’s 28th anniversary celebration!  I’ll be sharing tools for accessing a life you’re passionate about, and giving the opportunity to practice them.  You’ll get to meet and hear many of my colleagues share their cutting-edge work in holistic health.  The celebration is free, and includes complimentary massage demos and lunch on both days.

I’ll be speaking at the San Francisco campus at 12 pm on Saturday, and at the Pleasanton campus at 2 pm on Sunday.  Click this link for addresses and complete talk schedules.

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