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Spiritual evolution, cultural evolution

An evolutionary world view, transcendence in service of cultural evolution, appreciating evolution at the pace it’s happening.

Last night, I listed to this interview with Carter Phipps of EnlightenNext magazine, a part of the Beyond Awakening Series.  It served as medicine I was needing to step beyond personal challenges into a much bigger picture: my personal spiritual growth as a piece of the greater cultural evolution.  The perspective re-inspires me to move forward in my highest service.  I share this with the intention that others are also inspired to greater alignment.


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Connecting from the Heart

This new year marks, for me, movement in our transition as a world culture.

Many ancient traditions concur that around 2012 comes a transition to a new world age.  While some people view this with fear of an unknown future, I believe we are already living the transition. We have developed a global awareness, and diverse cultures are dialoguing. Eastern spirituality and indigenous ways of life are merging with Western science and culture.

One important aspect of this transition is a global shift from relating primarily with our heads, to relating primarily with our hearts. We each have the individual choice to connect more from our hearts. When we do, we make the world a more compassionate place.

Research by the HeartMath Institute demonstrates the physical effect of heart feelings like compassion and love on ourselves, people around us, and our world.  When we connect through our hearts to ourselves, others, and our world, we help the planet shift toward harmony and peace. We can only help the world be more heart-centered by making the shift ourselves. HeartMath’s Global Coherence Initiative is bringing together people who are making this heart-connection, to facilitate the global shift.

The Global Oneness Project shows, in beautiful short films, a heart-centered view of the world we live in – the inspiration, the beauty, the fear, and the pain.  The project fosters dialogue on how to compassionately meet our own personal and community challenges, and create a more connected and harmonious world.  I often turn to this site for inspiration.

The only way to really understand the heart-connected state is to become familiar with feeling it. I hope these links help you become more familiar with your own sense of heart connection.  You may also find it helpful to quietly bring attention to your heart center, or to focus on sensations in your body without judging them good or bad.


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Loving People as People

Camphill Communities California is on YouTube! This is a well-done short film (and finalist in a competition sponsored by the Pulitzer Center and YouTube) about a community and a way of living that is close to my heart.

I spent two and a half years of my life livng and working in a sister Camphill Community, Camphill Village Kimberton Hills in Pennsylvania.  I chose this place because I was so impressed that the developmentally disabled folks were respected as… people! I wanted to be part of a place where people were loved as complete beings, regardless of how different they seemed.

Take a look at this video and feel the heart-warmth yourself.


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What Really Matters

It has been a while since I last posted.  In the last few weeks I started a management position, and the transition to a new level of accountability felt huge for some time.   I’ve gradually gotten used to this new level of being – of holding space for other people to stretch and grow and be their best and shine.  And I find that it serves me even better to be this bigger being who I already was, who was waiting in the wings.

Sometimes I think this being a manager thing, or whatever it is that Megumi is (I am) up to in the moment, is about my glory.  Or about my getting to heal my childhood wounds.  And it is, to the degree that my cup doth not run over until it is first full.  I receive acknowledgement and love so I can joyfully and naturally pass on acknowledgement and love to others.  I love finding myself witnessing and holding up the people around me.  I love this because what really matters to me is to nurture communities that nurture each of us to live more fully.

This evening, I watched a series of short films created by the Global Oneness Project.  It is a beautiful project: to create conversation and connection through videos of people who are creating positive change, and/or asking questions that inspire global consciousness.  The videos are freely distributed (not for money), and can be viewed and ordered (yes, for free) on the Global Oneness Project website.

These videos turned my attention to what really matters.  I nearly cried to see former gang members wearing “Barrio de Paz” (Peace Town) T-shirts.  In this video, youth leader Nelsa Libertad Curbelo Cora explains that gangs aren’t inherently delinquent, and only band together for love and structure.

My cup was filled again by the words of Jayesh Patel, founder of the Indian NGO Manav Sadhna, and personification of humble service.   His reminder to “be a ladder, not a ‘leader'” re-presenced my intention in being a leader: not to collect glory for myself, but to be of service so others can climb to an expanded way of being.

This series of videos reminds me that what really matters, what really makes us prosperous, what really brings joy and peace and love, is to be in alignment with our values and mission.

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