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Spiritual evolution, cultural evolution

An evolutionary world view, transcendence in service of cultural evolution, appreciating evolution at the pace it’s happening.

Last night, I listed to this interview with Carter Phipps of EnlightenNext magazine, a part of the Beyond Awakening Series.  It served as medicine I was needing to step beyond personal challenges into a much bigger picture: my personal spiritual growth as a piece of the greater cultural evolution.  The perspective re-inspires me to move forward in my highest service.  I share this with the intention that others are also inspired to greater alignment.


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On Judgement, Guilt and Punishment

Food for thought:

“In highly evolved societies, no members of those societies are ever judged and found guilty of anything.  They are simply observed to have done something, and the outcome of their actions, the impact of them, is made clear to them.  Then they are allowed to decide what, if anything, they wish to do with regard to that.  And others in the society are likewise allowed to decide what, if anything, they wish to do to and for themselves with regard to that.  They do nothing to another.  The idea of punishment is simply not something that occurs to them, because the concept of punishment itself is incomprehensible to them.”

– Neale Donald Walsch, in Communion with God, p. 151

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Loving People as People

Camphill Communities California is on YouTube! This is a well-done short film (and finalist in a competition sponsored by the Pulitzer Center and YouTube) about a community and a way of living that is close to my heart.

I spent two and a half years of my life livng and working in a sister Camphill Community, Camphill Village Kimberton Hills in Pennsylvania.  I chose this place because I was so impressed that the developmentally disabled folks were respected as… people! I wanted to be part of a place where people were loved as complete beings, regardless of how different they seemed.

Take a look at this video and feel the heart-warmth yourself.


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