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What Do You Ask of Life?

What questions are present in your mind right now?  Take a moment and listen.  Are these the questions that often show up as you go through your day?

The questions you are asking yourself create your focus.  If you ask yourself, “What if I fail at this?” you will imagine scenarios of failure.  When you ask yourself, “How can I most enjoy doing this?” or “How can my work most benefit my community?” your focus will be on enjoyment or benefit.

Notice the questions you are asking yourself.  If you don’t like where they bring your focus, change them!  You’re the one living with your inner mindset, and you’re the one who can change it.

The questions you ask yourself are the questions you ask of life.  Listen to your questions and consider what you would most like to ask.  You will discover increased understanding of yourself and your life path.



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I am finding that I can ask to experience life in a certain way, and receive that.  I frequently ask for a theme for a day, such as peace, ease, fun, or joyful surprises.  This theme is easy to sort back to as a reminder later in the day.

I am working with A Course in Miracles, a powerful book designed to transform perception – letting go of limiting thought patterns – to facilitate an awakening of consciousness.  A passage that stood out for me last night, paraphrased in my words:

When my intention is on something that does not feel good, I can ask myself,

“Is this what I would see?  Do I want this?”

The only decision I need make is what I would like to see.  When my desire is clear, the means to see (experience the world) as I choose will be given me.  (From ch. 21, section 7).

I choose to experience peace, joy, and ease.

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