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Sufficiency for the Holidays

This document so well imparts what I am up to when I write about creating prosperity, I am simply offering a link so you can experience it yourself:  (The homepage currently features a link to “Celebrating the Holidays in Sufficiency.”)

(If it has been some time since I posted this, and the homepage no longer features the document, you can access it at


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Gardening and Alignment

It has been quite some time since I last blogged.  What have I been creating in that time?

I’ve been through quite a journey in my intention to create prosperity.  I’ve achieved my long-feared “running out of money” and life has continued to be good.  In fact, it’s been even more prosperous.

I’ve moved into a spacious, gorgeous home in a neighborhood where I once “vacationed” (housesat).

The herb garden: mid-April

The herb garden: mid-April

A friend, Leah, offered me free range to garden in her yard.  In my new home, I’ve planted herb and vegetable gardens.

Two core elements of my personal prosperity vision are gardening and community.  The gardens at home were planted with my dear friend and roommate Ame.  Gardening at Leah’s has given me occasion to regularly visit, and build friendship with a woman I’ve admired.

At Leah’s, I’ve seen the power my intention has to create.  When Leah offered her yard to me in January, it was thick and tall with grass, thistle, and blackberry briars.  Cutting and pulling those tall weeds was fun, yet I wondered if it’d ever become a garden.  My first tentative plantings of seeds and cuttings did poorly.

The herb garden: mid-May

The herb garden: mid-May

Then Leah, inspired by my intention, arranged for a neighbor to till the front sidewalk strip, then half the backyard.  Looking at that bare soil under the sun, I wondered how I’d ever get it all planted.  And yet, every time I head over there, I find the seeds and plants I need make themselves available to me.

Behind that wondering if I would succeed – in making a garden, in moving to a nicer home, in “making it” financially – there has always been trust.  I trust that I can enjoy myself now and all is well, and I trust that I will enjoy myself in the future and all will be well.

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