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Since childhood, I’ve sought to shed light upon the human experience, both for myself and others.  That passion led me to study psychology in college, to share an agrarian lifestyle with developmentally disabled adults in a Camphill Community, to pursue Holistic Health Practitioner training, and to arrive at my current place.

This current place includes: supporting women in the transition through birth and into motherhood, meditation, guiding others in self-awareness through energywork and bodywork, demonstrating spinning as a docent at a historic farm, and evolving as a human and a spirit in the service of our world’s evolution.

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  1. sudha


    I was touched by your website and your blog. I have also done the cornerstone doula training and a part of me would really like to start working as a doula. I have done 4 births so far but my life has been going through quite a transition in the last six months. I have broken up with my partner and am now the single parent of a beautiful 4 year old boy named Zane. I was the birth mom and Zane’s other mom is as of now more of a weekend mom. I work as a preschool teacher in the city but whenever I see posts of doula opportunities a part of me wants to go for it, yet the mind stops me becuause of my current situation . . . anyway it was great to read your thoughts and see someone totally go for what they really want to do in life:) I have done that in the past and am now trying to find my way back to that source. . . .

    love and light to you:)

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