Ring Out the Old Year/The Space Between

etsunen in kanji - new year hibernation The word in this image, etsu-nen in Japanese, means both “ring out the old year” and “hibernation.”  Isn’t it neat that one word incorporates both the turning of the year and resting?

For me, the end of this year has been a time of stillness, of space between what my life has been and what I am stepping into.  And yet, the habitual, busy desire to do something still pops up, even when there’s nothing that really needs doing.

Everything is in motion, and there is only time between me and the future I’ve been asking for.  In the moments when I get this truth, I trust that my actions will arise in their right time, and I need not worry myself with them sooner.

For now, all I need do is enjoy this resting space.

In the space between 2009 and 2010, may we find rest and joy in simply being.


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One response to “Ring Out the Old Year/The Space Between

  1. Stillness, to me, is the step leading to the home of Peace, Love and Joy.

    . . . Forgiveness greets you once you open the door . . .

    May prosperty in all good things welcome you in this new year.

    michael j

    Conshohocken, PA 19428

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