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I am finding that I can ask to experience life in a certain way, and receive that.  I frequently ask for a theme for a day, such as peace, ease, fun, or joyful surprises.  This theme is easy to sort back to as a reminder later in the day.

I am working with A Course in Miracles, a powerful book designed to transform perception – letting go of limiting thought patterns – to facilitate an awakening of consciousness.  A passage that stood out for me last night, paraphrased in my words:

When my intention is on something that does not feel good, I can ask myself,

“Is this what I would see?  Do I want this?”

The only decision I need make is what I would like to see.  When my desire is clear, the means to see (experience the world) as I choose will be given me.  (From ch. 21, section 7).

I choose to experience peace, joy, and ease.


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