Loving People as People

Camphill Communities California is on YouTube! This is a well-done short film (and finalist in a competition sponsored by the Pulitzer Center and YouTube) about a community and a way of living that is close to my heart.

I spent two and a half years of my life livng and working in a sister Camphill Community, Camphill Village Kimberton Hills in Pennsylvania.  I chose this place because I was so impressed that the developmentally disabled folks were respected as… people! I wanted to be part of a place where people were loved as complete beings, regardless of how different they seemed.

Take a look at this video and feel the heart-warmth yourself.



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4 responses to “Loving People as People

  1. HI Megimi! Thanks so much for posting this– i saw the video last week. We have a youtube site, too and there is a photo of you on it! I’m glad you are prospering! Come back sometime and visit!
    Love, Diedra

  2. For anyone wanting to see more, here are the videos Diedra referred to – a beautiful trio of them!

  3. satatma

    watched it! it was heartwarming. you are an inspiration megumi. even your name sounds like a precious jewel to my ears.

  4. Ah, Sati, you are beautiful yourself. I am a reflection of you. 🙂

    This video won the competition! Camphill gets national attention, and the film’s creator, Arturo Perez, got a $10,000 grant from the Pulitzer Center.

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