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Unexpected Flowers!

This post is dedicated to Janalynn Bliss’ poem, Unexpected Flowers, which appeared in Yogi Times‘ December 2007 San Francisco issue.

I have been creating a prosperity collage, and this poem showed up as my perfect representation of prosperity.  I may have lost the beginning of the poem in my creative cutting.  This is what I have:

I seem to see them everywhere:
a sprig of cherry blossoms,
months out of season, dangling

inches from my nose,
on the tree I walked under almost
everyday in the heat of mid-September;

a single soup-bowl sized
magnolia, as thick as heavy cream,
held up against dark leaves,
silhouetted by the full-moon October sky;

rampant vines of bougainvillea, daily
tossing their blossoms onto my car,
even in early November,
so that when I drive to work

I leave a trail of hot fuchsia bracts
all the way down Adams Boulevard.
I look for them now.

Today I spied a pink bloom
nodding as the breeze shivered through
the close-clipped hedge
where I had never noticed flowers before.

But it wasn’t a blossom at all,
just a wadded napkin tossed aside,
snagged in the web-like branches.

This poem reminds me to notice the small beauties, the little gifts, as I go through my day.  These are my prosperity.

A few days ago, I shared with my coworker this connection I had made.  I work at a school that is all about creating joy and celebration.  So it was completely natural for us to create that the words of the day were “unexpected flowers,” and that every twenty minutes, one of us would throw our hands in the air and shout, “unexpected flowers!” and we would briefly revel together.  Well, not very long after we began this game, what would appear but… unexpected flowers!  A team of students preparing for the weekend’s anniversary celebration (and who were not in on the game) returned from cutting roses around the corner.  As one young man walked in holding big, luscious roses, I reflected: we put our attention on them, and we sure got ’em!  This unexpected manifestation was a gift reminding me how easily I receive, and thus how prosperous I am.


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