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This Weekend: Live Your Passions!

Join me this weekend at the World School’s 28th anniversary celebration!  I’ll be sharing tools for accessing a life you’re passionate about, and giving the opportunity to practice them.  You’ll get to meet and hear many of my colleagues share their cutting-edge work in holistic health.  The celebration is free, and includes complimentary massage demos and lunch on both days.

I’ll be speaking at the San Francisco campus at 12 pm on Saturday, and at the Pleasanton campus at 2 pm on Sunday.  Click this link for addresses and complete talk schedules.


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It’s blog time!

Welcome, folks, to Megumi’s Prosperity Blog!

This is a manifestation of the desire I’ve had to create more web presence.  This is a place for me to stretch, and reach more people as I grow as a life coach and holistic lifestyle educator.

My prosperity consciousness has been on the rise lately.  What I mean by this is that I’ve been thinking of myself as more prosperous than I used to.  I’ve been noticing that I receive the things I desire.  Yesterday, I received a chiropractic adjustment after sharing with a wonderful chiropractor (Dr. Paul Romanoff) how much I appreciated his demo on me, and that I want to work with him further.  This past week, I have had a vacation-within-my-life, traveling around the Bay Area from San Rafael, to Petaluma, to (a wedding! in) the redwoods of Pescadero, to San Francisco, and back to my two homes, Berkeley and Pleasanton/Livermore.  And by my side during most of these travels has been James, who embodies all the things I’ve been asking for in a partner.

I’ve been allowing myself to afford the things I desire, too.  I used to hold back around spending money, to ensure I would maintain plenty of reserve so that I could meet my needs in the future.  I’ve been recognizing that it’s a bit silly to deny my needs so that I can meet my needs in the elusive “someday.”  Evolving my prosperity consciousness means that I allow myself to have what I am wanting, and I trust that I will continue to receive what I want.

Part of a talk I gave last weekend in San Rafael was on cultivating attitudes of allowing.  Rather than asking ourselves, “Why is this person not how I want them to be?,” or “Why don’t I have more money?,” we can ask ourselves, “Who do I deeply appreciate?,” or “How are my needs provided for?”  By focusing on a quality I want – prosperity – I am noticing how present it already is in my life, and allowing it to come to me even more.  I love being prosperous!

If you missed me last weekend in San Rafael, you can catch my talk again!  I’ll be at the World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts’ 28th Anniversary on October 4th (12 pm, 401 32nd Ave., San Francisco) and 5th (1 pm, 699 Peters Ave., Pleasanton).  I’ll be posting a schedule of the other talks in the next few days.

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